Celebrate Summer’s Arrival with a Few Rounds of Golf and Brunch

Golf courses

When was the last time you stepped out onto the golf course greens? If you play golf every week, then you probably have a favorite 18-hole golf course. Chances are that you play your best golf game there, too.

Now that the weather is warming up, you’re probably planning to play a few more rounds with friends, family, and colleagues. Were you aware that the United States had over 1,000 golf clubs back in the early 1900s? It’s no surprise that this game continues to grow in popularity.

Have you ever had 2 holes in 1 during a single round? What about your golf buddies? While the odds of this occurring are around 67 million to 1, it could happen. What a day that would be!

Are you planning to enjoy a nice Sunday brunch after a round of golf? There’s nothing like relaxing amid beautiful surroundings to encourage the appetite for this popular weekend meal. Were you aware that brunch has its origins in England? Once it was introduced in the United States, however, it took about 30 years for Americans to embrace the idea. It’s interesting to note that it has become a popular choice of meals.

Ethnic-inspired breakfasts and brunches were trending in 2015. A survey showed that 67% of its participants enjoyed exploring new cuisines. Chorizo scrambled eggs and coconut milk pancakes with Asian-flavored syrups were just a few of the fusion cuisines they enjoyed experiencing. Add a glass of Champagne, a Mimosa, or a signature cocktail, and your sumptuous brunch will be complete.

Perhaps you and your friends and family enjoy taking walks after brunch. Given the gorgeous grounds surrounding you, this can be the perfect way to spend the rest of the afternoon.

The next time you plan to head to the golf course greens, plan a day of it and invite a few friends or family members to join you. Whether you hit a hole in 1 or not, playing golf is an enjoyable activity and good exercise. After the game, it will be nice to enjoy a meal or cocktails and appetizers and talk about your swing.

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