How Many Times a Week Do You Eat Ice Cream or Yogurt?


It was during a quilt shop visiting frenzy when you and your sister dreamed up your latest business idea. As you were traveling from one Shop Hop location to another purchasing and collecting the locally designed quilt squares that you made plans for opening an ice cream store in the exact location of one of your favorite memories.
As the childh old stories resurfaced of days spent stopping by the corner ice cream store, you became even more excited about the possibility of going into business tog their. You wondered if your futur ice cream store could draw in the kids who still walked or rode their bikes to and from school in the fall and the pool in the summer. You laugh d over how you would use the plastic ice cream spoons to get every last drop from the ice cream cups. When she was with you, your mother discouraged you and your sist from licking those brightly colors ice cream cups, but when no parent was along one last lick was almost certain.
Both you and your sister smiled at thinking that your ice cream offerings could bring the same kind of excitement that you remember.
Have You Considered Opening an Ice Cream or Yogurt Store in Your Neighborhood?
Knowing that the average American consumes ice cream slightly more than 28 times a year goes a long way toward explaining why there were more than 2,500 yogurt stores in America in the year 2013. Not surprising, the paper ice cream cups and matching tasting spoons are just one of the ways that these various stores distinguish themselves from each other. And while stores that serve ice cream and yogurt may search for ways to make their products unique, customs rarely need much of a reason to eat the tasty frozen treats that are the favorites of many.

  • Birthdays. Few people really enjoy birthday cake or cupcakes without a little bit of ice cream on the side. Whets it is vanilla, chocolate, or one of the many other available flavors, ice cream or frozen yogurt, along with your cake, is a great way to celebrate the passing of another year.
  • Good grades. What does your family do to celebrate an excellent report card? For many families, a trip to the ice cream store marks a way to reward children of all ages for a semester of hard work.
  • Summer celebrations. Whether it is a community wide celebration of the Fourth of July, or it is a small congregation’s church picnic, ice cream is always a great way to party in the heat of the summer.
  • Anything. Do you need to really have a reason to indulge in a sweet treat? For many of us, ice cream is simply a way to mark the end of a great meal, a great day, or, even, a simple walk home from school or a bike ride home from the pool.
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