What are Micro Green Varieties and Why are They on My Plate?

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Everyone loves the chance to go out to eat. It is always a nice treat, whether it is because you are reveling in the idea of not cooking dinner yourself, you are headed to a favorite restaurant for your favorite dish, cocktail, or friendly and entertaining staff, or simply because you fully enjoy the experience of getting dressed up and going out for a delicious meal. There are plenty of reasons to head out to savor what the menu and the evening have in store for you. One of these reasons, particularly if you are intending on doing some fine dining, is the exceptional use of micro green varieties to liven up the dish.

Making micro green varieties a go to

If you have ever had the thought, “I wonder what flowers are edible,” chances are you are, or will be, a fan of several different micro green varieties. Chefs who like to take their dishes and presentations to the next level will often incorporate edible flowers and plants, including petite micro greens, to enhance both the look and taste of the plate. These additions, though small, pack the perfect punch of flavor and texture, especially the organic micro greens. Creative chefs have been producing these deliciously stunning dishes for the past 20 to 30 years, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, it might be because they are often used in exclusive settings. But more and more chefs are starting to branch out and use them. Everyone deserves the chance to try out this heavenly delight!

The prevalence and spread of micro greens
Though it is something that you might not think about, there are actually quite a few types of edible flowers. Approximately 100 kinds of typical garden flowers are not only edible but actually quite delicious as well. And though it was not long ago that many individuals eating out at restaurants had no idea of their existence, their popularity is growing. Now, people can’t get enough of them. They are the perfect addition to so many types of plates. And once you’ve had a fine dining experience with micro greens adorning the plate, you might just get hooked. If you are shopping for micro greens, especially to serve in a fine dining setting, you will want to examine the scale that they are measured on. The scale goes from 1, which is considered to be a poor specimen, to a 5, which is the best. Based on the appearance of the plants, a 3 and up on the scale are suitable for serving.

Look for those special dishes that come with micro greens. If you don’t spot any, ask the chef at your favorite restaurant if he or she has ever created such a dish. If the answer is yes, put in a request, if it is appropriate to do so at that restaurant! And if your chef has not heard, make a subtle suggestion to check out the possibilities!

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