Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Location

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A lot of decision making and planning goes into a bride?s reception. She may spend thousands of dollars on the decorations, flowers, and food of the reception. The alcohol may be another couple thousand, especially if it is an open bar wedding. An often overlooked part of the wedding planning process is the wedding ceremony. The reception is an event to celebrate the nuptials that were shared at the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony will also be the location of all the photos that you will look at for years to come. There are many locations that provide a great backdrop for a wonderful wedding ceremony.

Local park. A local park is full of green trees and grass and colorful flowers. A ceremony location can be set up to overlook a fountain or other beautiful structure within the park. However, when planning a wedding ceremony in a local park, it may be important to reserve an area or section off a part of the park. There may be other guests of the park, making it loud or distracting during the ceremony.

In a wedding chapel. Wedding or church chapels are a great option for those who prefer indoor wedding ceremonies. An indoor wedding ceremony does not hold the same possibility of weather causing it to be moved last minute. Wedding chapels can also be decorated more extensively. Couples do not have to worry about the wind blowing items away. Guests may sometimes be more comfortable in an indoor ceremony, as well.

At your reception location. This option is becoming more popular. Some couples do not want their guests to have to travel between the ceremony location and the reception location. Some reception halls may even allow you to book a party for low cost, or even for free, when you are holding your reception there. Some venues can separate a part of the hall off for the wedding, or they can set up the wedding outside of their venue.

In a non traditional location. Did you and your spouse meet at a bar? Did you meet at a favorite restaurant? These places can make for exciting wedding ceremony locations. A wedding ceremony does not have to take place inside of a chapel or a venue. It can take place pretty much wherever you want it to. All you need is your spouse to be, your guests, and an officiant. Today, many more couples are choosing alternative wedding ceremony locations to make their special day unique to them.

On a championship golf course. Golf courses are wonderful choices because they are generally an all inclusive package. Most championship golf courses offer golf club events rooms and brunch specials, if you choose to get married earlier in the day. A golf club wedding can also take place outdoors, overlooking the championship golf course, or it can take place indoors. The lush green courses of the golf course makes a perfect backdrop for both a wedding ceremony and reception.

The average budget for just the wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. Many championship golf courses may offer wedding and event discounts to members of their golf association. Some golf courses may also require that the couple or a close family member be a member of the golf association, making it a very exclusive event. The golf course can also set up for pre and post wedding events. In 2013, brides spent an average of $1,184 on their rehearsal dinners (up from $1,135 in 2012) and $457 on their morning after brunch (up from $429 in 2012).

When most people think of a wedding, they think of the wedding reception. There are, however, many more important events that accompany a wedding reception. The wedding ceremony is, perhaps, the most important event of the entire planning. All of the other events are simply to celebrate the ceremony. There are numerous options for wedding ceremony locations, depending on a couple?s preferences. A championship golf course is a great option for those with varying interests who want something that is all inclusive.

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