Buffalo isn’t the Only Place Where You can Find Delicious Chicken Wings!

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If you ask anyone what their favorite greasy food is, odds are a lot of people will tell you about their favorite pizza and chicken wings joint. Everyone has one, and everyone likes theirs a little bit different, but the popularity of chicken wings remains.

If you’re from Buffalo, you’re probably familiar with the hometown spice of traditional Buffalo wings, smothered in hot sauce and butter. But however much Buffalo natives might tell you that their way is the only way to eat a chicken wing, there are tons of different sauces and toppings for you to try. From barbecue to sweet onion glaze, the possibilities for chicken wings are positively endless.

Ever wondered what the most popular time of year for chicken wings is? Well, research shows that in the week leading up to the Fourth of July, Americans purchased over 700 million pounds of chicken. Whether that chicken was used to make wings or not, that’s a lot of white meat for one holiday. In fact, Americans consume more chicken than any other population of people in the entire world. It’s the number one protein consumed in the United States, even more than beef.

Many restaurants, whether they’re a pizza joint or not, have started to offer chicken wings, or varieties of them, because they sell so well. Even beach restaurants that offer more seafood than anything else are serving these crispy treats. A lot of people may call chicken wings a form of fast food, but caterers and other restaurants take time to prepare and serve them. Just because they’re battered and fried doesn’t necessarily classify them as fast food.

If you’ve never had chicken wings before, you’re definitely missing out. Wondering where to eat the next time you go out? Try the local wing place! Odds are they have something that you’ll end up falling in love with. Just like there’s more than one way to cook chicken, there’s definitely more than one way to serve up chicken wings.

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