My Big Fat List of Greek Yogurt Recipes

Greek yogurt dip for veggies

Of the foods that are given the elite title of “superfood,” none are quite as delicious as Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is nutritionally power-packed with a long list of health benefits. It has high calcium content that is great for burning fat. It is a great source of Probiotics that replenish the “good bacteria” in your body and help you fight off illness. It is a protein rich food that gives you energy and helps you build muscle.

Unlike other superfoods such as kale and acai berries, Greek yogurt is a food that you actually like eating. If you want to add more of the health goodness of Greek yogurt to your diet, here are a Greek yogurt few dishes you’ll love:

  1. Greek Yogurt Dip
    Greek yogurt dips are creamy, flavor-rich dips that you can top off any Mediterranean dish with, or serve as an appetizer with warm pita, vegetables, or chips. There are a variety Greek yogurt dip recipes, but our favorite is a Greek yogurt veggie dip that you make by mixing an envelope of Ranch powder, a diced tomato, and half a cup of chopped green onion with a 16 oz tub of Greek yogurt. If you want to keep it Mediterranean, the classic tzatziki greek yogurt dip recipe is made from Greek yogurt, lemon, and cucumber.
  2. A Cream Cheese Substitute
    Since Greek yogurt has the same sour taste of cream cheese, it makes a great substitute for the less healthy dairy product. To give Greek yogurt the consistency of cream cheese, just mix it with a pack of unflavored gelatin or gradually add flour until it thickens. You cream cheese substitute is so believable you can even make a healthier version of cheese cake with it!
  3. Healthier Pancakes
    If you replace the buttermilk portion of a pancake recipe with the same amount of Greek yogurt, you will get the same texture and flavor of buttermilk pancakes, but with the health benefits of Greek yogurt. Take it a step further and replace the sugar-laden table syrup with natural maple syrup or honey, for a healthy breakfast that will fill you up and leave you energized for the day ahead.
  4. A Delicious Garnish on Guacamole
    Make your favorite guacamole recipe, and then spread a layer of Greek yogurt on top. This not only adds a delicious flavor and nutrition to your guacamole, by sealing in the avocado in the guacamole, you will keep it from turning brown, which avocado tends to do.
  5. A Healthier Version of Sour Cream
    The tart flavor of plain Greek yogurt makes it perfect direct replacement sour cream. Nothing fancy is required for trading out sour cream for Greek yogurt. Simply put the tub of sour cream back in the fridge and carry on with Greek yogurt instead. We love putting a dollop of Greek yogurt on our tacos, enchiladas, or soup.

Do you have a great way to serve Greek yogurt that we didn’t mention? Please shout it out in the comment section below!

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