3 Places to Find Fresh Fennel Pollen

Buying fennel pollen

Fennel pollen has been around in various kitchens for years, but now that the powerful spice has been picked up by the foodie community, it is more popular than ever. Fennel comes from the Umbelliferae family, and it is a perennial herb. It is highly aromatic and has uses not only in the culinary world, but in the medical world as well. Fennel pollen has the maximum amount of fennel flavor of any other fennel product, because it is the most potent form of the plant. Like most dry herbs, it is best added to a dish during cooking, so that it can infuse the entire dish. If this seems like something you would love to try, there are three main places where you can find the herb.


Stores are sometimes hit or miss with fennel pollen, but at many, you an find it if you look hard enough. It will generally be in the organic section or the herbs and spices section, but depending on how the store categorizes their inventory, you may have to ask an associate for assistance.


Markets are slightly easier than stores when it comes to finding this product. Because it’s an herb or spice, it is carried at most markets, but if you’re not sure what it looks like, finding it can be a difficult task. For reference, fennel pollen is grainy and generally found in a mustard yellow color.


The best way to buy this most of the time is online. Any vendor you find online that sells pollen will get it to you while it’s fresh, without the fear of buying the wrong thing. You’ll also likely pay less for it than at the store. So, it’s cheaper than the store, easier than the market — what’s not to like?

Are you interested in buying fennel pollen soon? Where will you be looking for it?

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