The Art of Crystallized Flowers Revolutionizing Dinner and Dessert in America

Sugar flowers

Edible flowers and microgreens are not only delicious, they are becoming increasingly popular in home cooking and baking. A stunning tray of cupcakes decorated with edible flowers can make a wedding or birthday party stand out.

Edible flower petals can be used as accents for cups of tea, cakes, cookies, or even petite sandwiches. It’s an option that has been around for over two decades and one that is starting to trend on internet food enthusiast websites.

Edible blossoms make a salad bright and attractive:
children enjoy meals the most that have a variety of different colors and textures. The difficulty of getting small children to eat salad is a common complaint among parents, but a salad that has bright yellow cheese, small sunflower seeds, microgreens, and some edible flower petals might just end up being their new favorite meal.

Some parents arrange edible flowers and plants into the shape of their children’s favorite cartoon characters for an extra delightful lunchtime treat. Adventurous children can enjoy ice cream, yogurt, or pudding with small edible flowers on top for an after dinner treat.

In fact, there are many edible flowers and plants, over 100 varieties. They should be stored in the coldest part of the refrigerator, and since growing microgreens can be tricky, chefs tend to buy them at grocery stores in order to ensure freshness, variety, and other quality considerations.

Edible lavender flowers, edible rose petals, dandelion root tea, and crystallized hibiscus flowers are all popular options that can add color and variety to everyday meals. What decorators and chefs are looking for is visually superior microgreens and edible flowers. A tattered leaf will not be used for display purposes, but can be incorporated into soups or stews.

Growing microgreens is a complicated process that focuses on presentation and perfection of the leaves. Delicious and inspiring for chefs, edible flowers and microgreens are making mealtime more fun and are changing many Americans’ ideas about what’s for dinner.

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