The Good, the Really Good, and the Really Really Good Things About Hummus

Recipe with hummus

Hummus dip recipes have been around for a long, long time. In fact, one of the earliest hummus recipes dates all the way back to 13th-century Egypt, where chickpeas — the main ingredient of hummus — were frequently cultivated as an affordable crop, much like today.

However, despite this tasty condiment’s rich, long cultural past, it still remained relative unheard of in the United States until it was introduced to the American palate during the 1960’s and 1970’s. During this time, hummus was only found in “health” or “wellness” stores. Even after this introduction, it took decades, the addition of flavors appealing to American taste, as well as a little creative advertising before hummus became mainstream.

Fast forward to today, and hummus has all but dominated the world of condiments and flavored dips. Whoever thought hummus would become so mainstream? Despite it’s rocky start in the States, it’s easy to see why Americans simply can’t get enough hummus.

Perhaps one of the most common flavor varieties in the States is roasted garlic hummus dip.
Between the excellent nutritional value of plain hummus, and the noted medicinal properties of fresh garlic, roasted garlic hummus dip packs quite the nutritional punch. But aside from being really, really good for you, it also taste really, really good, too.

Aside from roasted garlic hummus, there is a whole other world of hummus flavor varieties and combinations to try. Many home cooks start with a simple hummus base made from ground chickpeas, fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice, and olive oil and then their favorite flavors. Similar to making a pizza, the possibilities are endless!

If you’d like to start making your own hummus dips but are unsure where to start, you may find it helpful to pick up different varieties from your local grocery store to try. This allows you to experiment with what flavors are most appealing to you before you commit to trying to make it yourself.

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