So What’s All the Hubbub About Hummus?

Sabra hummus

A new year means out with the old and in with the new, right? Ideally yes, however, adhering to New Year’s resolutions, especially those involving healthier eating habits can be difficult. According to Statistic Brain, although 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions — with weight loss being the most common — only 8% are actually successful in achieving their goal.

Perhaps the problem lies in the approach to losing weight and eating healthy. Most people want to see immediate results, and turn to supplements or fad diets that promise rapid weight loss. However, not only are these methods of losing weight and eating healthier extremely unhealthy, they’re also ineffective. Typically, any weight that is lost usually returns along with some extra.

Losing weight and eating healthy are total lifestyle changes, involving mental, physical, emotional, and even spiritual changes. When weight loss and healthier eating habits are approached in this way, as opposed to be seen as a chore, the results can last a lifetime.

The greatest misconception about losing weight and eating healthy is that it’s difficult. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, the process of become more active and discovering healthier ways of eating can be quite enjoyable, especially once results are visible. By making small, simple, everyday changes, people can see and feel real results quickly.

One such simple change swapping sodium and fat-rich condiments such as mayonnaise for lighter, healthier options such as hummus dip. Hummus dips are made from ground chick peas, lemon juice, fresh garlic, and occasionally extra virgin olive oil. Some varieties of hummus dip also contain tahini, which is a paste made of ground sesame seeds. Although hummus dips are full of flavor and high in protein, they are low in sodium in fat, unlike mayonnaise and other dressings.

Recipes with hummus have been enjoyed by cultures in the Middle East and north Africa for thousands of years, however, hummus only began gaining traction in the United States within the last decade. Since that time, several varieties and different flavors of hummus have come to be, including chocolate hummus.

As Americans begin to become more health conscious, “exotic” foods such as hummus are becoming more and more commonplace.

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