Think You Have to Love Meat to Love Hispanic Food? Think Again

Receta de cocina

A wide variety of Hispanic foods have quickly become some of our favorite dishes in the United States. From ceviche, a refreshing dish made with fresh seafood, citrus, and chili peppers, to arroz con pollo, classic chicken and rice, savory, heartwarming dishes from Spain, Mexico, and elsewhere are now craved just as much if not more than any burger from the Grease-Mart on the corner.

Unfortunately, many types of Hispanic foods rely heavily on different types of meat, from chicken to fish, giving many people the impression that Mexican and other Hispanic cuisines are not vegetarian friendly. However, if you’re a vegetarian, don’t fret. There are plenty authentic recetas for Hispanic foods that can allow you to enjoy some of the best flavors in the world, without giving up what you believe in.

Three Hispanic Foods You’ll Love, Whether You Eat Meat or Not

  1. Sopa Azteca
  2. For, there are few better vegetarian dishes among all Hispanic Foods than a meatless rendition of sopa azteca, also known as tortilla soup. The preparation for this vegetarian version only varies slightly from the traditional version. Instead of chicken stock, veggie stock is used for the broth. Secondly, no chicken meat is placed into the soup. Instead, firm, meaty vegetables, like potatoes and avocado, can be used for a filling but healthy meal.

  3. Wild Mushrooms with Pasilla Chile
  4. As The LA Times writes, not every vegetarian-friendly Hispanic food needs to be a meatless version of another dish. Wild mushrooms sauteed with pasilla chili peppers and epazote is a case in point. If you can’t get your hands on wild mushrooms, other ornamental varieties, from oyster to shiitake, will make for an earthy, healthy dish that is as authentically vegetarian as Mexican dishes come.

  5. Bean and Vegetable Enchiladas
  6. Enchiladas were first created in the 14th century by members of the Aztec Empire. Despite what the versions you find in restaurants have in them, an enchilada doesn’t have to use any meat to be authentic. Classic recetas de comidas dating back hundreds of years used black beans, fresh vegetabes, and chili peppers for a meal that was as delicious as it was portable.

Are you a vegetarian who loves Hispanic food? Let us in on some of your favorites in the comments below!

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