Aging whiskey, rum, or any other liquor takes time, but that time can be sped up when the liquor is placed in small, rather than large, oak barrels. How long can these small barrels last? Here is some advice from barrel maker, Steve Mayes. General Rule When kept in theContinue Reading

Safety and sanitation in food processing and manufacturing is a big issue in 2021. New trends, technology, and procedures have emerged due to the pandemic and COVID testing for workers in the food industry. The safety and sanitation procedures now include Pandemic Prepared Certification training, technology to trace foods, cleanerContinue Reading

Oral health is very important. While that sentence may seem like something that should be common knowledge, sometimes better oral hygiene is not taken as seriously as it should be. When this happens, dental disorders, and dental health issues, can take place. As such, this is why when it comesContinue Reading